Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel needs ベッドメーキング・スタッフ over 1,050 yen !!

20 persons needed, Designated Activity, Dependent highly welcome !!

にほんご コミュニケーション ひつようです (Communication in Japanese MUST)

Hourly wage
1. Inspector: 1,150 yen (Room inspecting after Cleaning)
2. Linen Collection: 1,050 yen (Collecting/Sorting Linen)
3. BedMaking/Cleaning: 1,050 yen (Room Cleaning/BedMaking)
(training period 50 yen less)
Transportation fee
for the inspector Payable. From Maihama station to there Free Bus available.
Maihama Station
Location map
How to get to there
From Maihama to there 20 min by train/bus
Working hours
1. Inspector: 9:00AM – 17:00PM (7 working hours )
2. Linen Collection: 9:00AM – 15:30PM (5:45 working hours)
3. BedMaking/Cleaning: 10:00AM – 15:30PM (5 working hours)
Day to work
Negotiable 3-4 days in a week desired.

JOB # 201808-024

PHONE call to: 047-381-4010, かいしゃ は〜NewDomein (ニュードメイン) **☎️にほんご で コミュニケーション してください(Please call the company in Japanese)**


なまえ *required
でんわばんごう *required
せいべつ *required
ちかいえき *required
にほんにきたのはいつですか *required
あなたのくに(Nationality) *required
ざいりゅうかーどは... *required
にほんのしごとのけいけん(working experience) *required
りようきやく こじんじょうほう とりあつかいへのどうい *requiredTerm and Condition is here