Ramen shop needs Full-time workers with N2 for 230,000 yen

Monthly wage(げっきゅう)230,000 yen(overtime allowance included),
*Raise 30,000 yen for Manager, 60,000 yen for Senior(Area) Manager
*Bonus 2 times July and December based on the Results Maximum 4 months salary equivalent.
Transportation fee(こうつうひ)Fully payable
Location(ばしょ)Around Tokyo, Kanagawa Saita and Chiba
(Shizuoka, Toyama, Tchigi, Ibaraki) The company will decide where you will work, so you mighr need to move.
Health Insurance, Unemployment insurance and Accident Insurance
Working hours(はたらくじかん)Based on the shift for 7 hours per day, from 8:00 am to next morning 5:00am (NIGHT SHIFT is must)
Day to work(はたらくようび)Based on the shift



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