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Working Holiday is Welcome! Also, LT/Permanent Residence/ Spouse Visa is Welcome!

Do you need a Job?(しごと さがしていますか?) Due to the impact of the corona virus situation some of you lost or need to change your job. Or maybe a job you had planned to take up did not end up working out. Not to worry though because there has been a significant increase in demand from the agriculture industry for skilled workers. If you are worried about the future and are still searching for work in Japan, why not give this industry some thought? Some companies are even willing to take up workers over short-term periods. Let’s help each other and get through the tough situation we are in together!
How to apply? (どう おうぼしますか?) We are planning to have job offers from the agriculture industry very soon. If you fill out the application below, we will prioritize our job offerings to you! If you are interested, please sign up to fill out the form below!
Location(ばしょ) Around Kanto area (country side)


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