Native Application Engineer is wanted! (iOS or Android) Experienced is welcome!

Native Application Engineering is Wanted!

Benefits(ふくりこうせい)Japanese Health Insurance
Housing allowance
Providing monitor
Working remote fully
Has stock option
Various other unique benefits

Job Detailes(しごとないよう)This company is the IT company which focused on English learning application service.
We are looking for people who can work as a core member for improving their business.
It is very important to maintain their quality of their product, especially they are targeting to individual customer.
They are very welcome to have people who has passion for making best quality of product as always, and has overall perspective to make their product better with them!
[Technology Stacks]
Swift (iOS)
Kotlin (Android)
・Improving function of application
・ Developing new function of application
Requirement Experience and Skills・People who has experience developing iOS Apps (Swift)
・Or People who has experience developing Android (Kotlin)
・People who has experience developing Apps for targeting to customer mainly
・People who has experience developing Apps or some service product by yourself
Yearly Income(ねんしゅう)7,000,000yen~9,000,000yen
Annual raise (April)
Twice annual bonuses (August/February)
Transportation fee(こうつうひ)Fully payable
Location(ばしょ)Akabane/Azabu Juban
Working hours(はたらくじかん)10:00-19:00
Day to work(はたらくようび)Weekdays



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