[Project Manager for Engineer team for developing mobile game for overseas at Akihabara!]

Conversation: Business Level
Writing: All Hiragana and all Katakana N2 Kanji N1 Kanji

People who can help engineer team for Japanese and foreigner team to communicate and developing products are wanted!

Regular Employee
¥5,000,000 - ¥8,000,000 / Yearly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
10:00 - 19:00
This company develop very popular smart phone  application, and they are also expanding their business to the oversea. 
So we have position for engineering team. 
there are two big thing you will be in charged. 
1. Communicating and grasping with foreigner engineers and take a direction in the project. (planing developing schedule and reporting the schedule)

2. Communicate with Japanese engineer groups and help to work with foreigner team. 
-Having more than 1 year working experiences as a project management or leading team in Engineer team
-Having wide range of knowledge which you can discuss with engineer team about developing product
-Having big interests for Japanese sub culture such as Anime or Manga
-Having high level of communication skills
-Having business level of English skills
-People who can work assertive / active for making project more forward
Fully payable
Chiyoda City, Akihabara Station (7min walk from Akihabara station)
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