【4/22 updated】[COVID-19] Details on Japan’s 100,000 yen to all citizens as coronavirus relief and how to apply

The Japanese government has decided to provide a one-off cash handout of 100,000 yen to all citizens (including foreigners) regardless of income level as part of economic measures to counter the effects of the new coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on April 16th.

Who can apply:

Residents who meet the following conditions:

status of residence for more than 3 months
registered at Basic Resident Registration Network System before April 27th(as a registered resident)

How to apply:

  • Municipalities will send application forms to the heads of each household.
  • Applicants will have to provide a bank account number with copies of their ID and bank account information. The sum will be transferred to the account after all.

*Those who have “My number card” can apply online.

Each municipalities will decide when to start to pay the handouts.
The internal ministry says some of them might begin in May.

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The decision came in the wake of government’s earlier plan to provide 300,000 yen to each household experiencing a large drop in income amid the spread of COVID-19.

Minister of Finance Taro Aso indicated at a press conference on April 17th that he would like the government to get payments started in May, adding that people can apply online or by email, although exact details of how this will be done and the logistics have not been settled yet.

[Note]: the tax subsidy will be tax exempt.

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Source: NHK NEWS