[COVID-19] How to fill in the application for Japan’s 100,000 yen benefit

The Japanese government has outlined details of its plan to hand out 100,000 yen to all residents as part of its economic response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Who is eligible for the money

Every resident (including foreigners) on Japan’s Basic Resident Register as of April 27 is eligible for the benefit. 

How to apply

① Municipalities will send application forms to the heads of every household. Applicants will have to provide a bank account number, with copies of their ID and bank account information. The sum will then be transferred to the account.

*Those who wish to decline the cash benefit can indicate it on the application form.

② You can also apply online if you have “My Number Card” via the link below: https://app.oss.myna.go.jp/Application/search

When will I receive the applications ?

Each municipal government will decide the starting date on their own. Applications will be accepted within 3 months of the starting date which can be found on the application form.

Click website for the release schedule (periodically updated ). 

How to fill in the application form

After filling out the form , you will need to mail the completed application form to municipal government.

Do not fall for scams

There are reports of suspicious phone calls and emails from individuals trying to take advantage of the spread of the coronavirus.

click the article for more detail.


If you have any further question, contact the number below↓

 Japan’s COVID-19 ¥100,000 Payment consumer Hotline :
0120-213-188  from 10 am. To 4 pm.


source: 総務省


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