[COVID-19] Visa extension for mid-to long-term/ former mid-to long-term residents who cannot return to their countries due to coronavirus.

According to the Immigration Bureau, mid-to long-term residents who have difficulty returning to their countries due to the impact of coronavirus infection, had been granted the status of residence of “Short-term stay (90 days)” or “Designated activity (3 months)” until now.

However, since the difficult situation continues that those mid-to long-term residents are still not able to return home, “Designated activity(3 months)” has been granted up to 6 months. (May20. 2020)


Along with this, for the former med-to long-term residents who are currently staying with a status of residence of 3 months or less(excluding those with “Designated activity (departure preparation)” , are granted the status of residence of “Designated activity (6 months)” as well in the next application for permission to renew the period of stay, etc.


Moreover, foreign students who are not able to return to home countries but wish to work are allowed to work(part-time) within 28 hours per week.


For applications from residents residing in the Tokyo Immigration Bureau’s jurisdiction, in order to prevent the application window from becoming crowded, please send application to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau until June 30 (must arrive).

Note: Application will only be accepted by mail.

In addition, regarding applications from former technical interns, it may be possible for the supervising organization to compile the application and then make the application.



Status of residence for mid- to long-term residents who have difficulty returning to home countries:

Since May 21, 2020

1. Those who had a residence status of “Student” or those who are residing but wish to work

From “Short-term stay (90 days)”

“Designated activities” (allowed for part-time work within 28 hours/week, 6 months)”

*Eligible for those who have graduated(completed) from an educational institution after January 1, 2020 ONLY

*Those who have been granted permission for part-time work “資格外活動の許可” during the period of stay of  “student” can work part-time within 28 hours per week without receiving permission again, even after graduating from an educational institution.


2. Those who had stayed with the status of residence of “trainee” and “Designated activities (*)”, or those who are residing but wish to work

(*) Internship (No. 9), Foreign construction worker (No. 32), Foreign shipbuilding Workers (35), manufacturing foreign employees (42)
From “Designated activities” (allowed to work , 3 months)”

⇨ “Designated activities (allowed to work , 6 months)”

3. Those who are currently residing with other statuses of residence( including cases of 1. and 2. who do not wish to work) 

From “Short-term stay (90 days)”

⇨ “Designated activities (not allowed to work , 6 months)”


The following handling is as before:

① Those residing with work qualifications such as “technology, humanities, international service” who have been dismissed, on standby at home due to deterioration of employment situation


②Those who are on continuous job hunting or are on standby


③Those who are resident as “Working Holiday”


Those who are EPA nurses, care worker candidates, etc.




Procedure of the application:

①Where to send : http://www.moj.go.jp/content/001320108.xlsx

②Documents to provide:

  • Application from:

❶Application for change of status( do not wish to work):


❷Application for change of status( wish to work):


❸Application  for extension( wish to work):

*Note: Picture is required

  • Anything(document) that can prove there is a reasonable reason for you to return to your home country.

  • Copy of both sides of residence card (if issued)

  • Copy of passport (page with identification information) * 1 If you are a resident with a status of residence of “Short-term stay”, please submit a copy of the page with the latest permission seal.

  • Copy of the application agent’s certificate when the application is proceeded by agent

Those mentioned below need to provide extra documents:

(A)Those who have the status of residence as “Student” and have difficulty returning to home countries and wish to continue their stay in Japan.

(B) Former international students who were resident as mid- to long-term residents, who are currently in a “short-term stay (90 days)” because it is difficult to return to home countries.

(C) Spouses and children of former international students who were resident as “Dependent” or “short-term stays” or who were resident as the above-mentioned

Documents to provide:

  • (A)(B)(C)→ Certificate of graduation (or completion) from an educational institution after January 1, 2020
  • (A)(B)(C)→ check list of documents required: http://www.moj.go.jp/content/001320106.pdf
  • (C)Applicant’s spouse or parent’s certificate above is required



(D)Former technical intern trainees (including former foreign construction workers and foreign shipbuilding workers. The same applies hereinafter) who were resident as mid- to long-term residents, and are currently unable to return to home countries. ) ”Or“ Designated activity (3 months) ”

  • Statement of reason prepared by the supervising organization or the accepting organization (the latter is limited to the case of a single company type)

  • Documents regarding employment contracts related to working with the host organization (copies of employment contracts, employment conditions, etc.)
    * If the work place is the same as before, documents regarding the employment contract (copy of employment contract, employment conditions, etc.) are not required.

  • Fee payment slip with income stamp attached:http://www.moj.go.jp/content/000099903.pdf

    *Be sure to confirm that the revenue stamp (4,000 yen) is attached to the fee payment slip and that the applicant’s signature is placed in the signature column of the fee payment slip.

  • check list of documents required:

  • Envelope for reply ( attached with a stamp for the delivery, address, name)


Application detail in Japanese:



Extension of the period for receipt of the examination results

The period for receipt of the examination results (issuance of a residence card, etc.) with regard to foreign nationals who have a residence card (mid to long-term residents) and have already applied for permission to change their status of residence or an application for extension of the period of stay is normally for two months from the date of expiration of the period but will be extended for a further three months instead.

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), please do not come to the Immigration Services Agency unless unavoidable.