Experienced Engineer Welcome! Tokyo,Saitama,Kanagawa area wants On-Site-Project IT Engineer!

Conversation: Business Level
Writing: N2 Kanji

Can work where you want ! Earn 3,700,000 yen to 6,000,000 yen!

Job Position: Not specified
Regular Employee
¥3,700,000 - ¥6,000,000 / Yearly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Other information: Depends on the project you will be assigned
Work as a support engineer on the site of client like;
-Big Banks
-Big EC web site companies
-Big Affiliate companies
-Big Web Create companies
-Big System Integrator companies
- Big construction companies  
- Big Game companies
- Big foreign capital companies 
- Big logistics companies
and etc,.

Project examples;
-System Migration of credit card payment from PHP to Java
(Java,MySQL,Linux, Basic/Detail Design and Implementation/Testing)
-Online Review on Cuisine website Development
(Ruby,JavaScript,MySQL,Linux/Detail Design and Site Operation)
- Application development for iOs/Android
(Objective-C,Java,Oracle,iOS,Android/Detail Design and Implementation/Testing)
-iOs Drone application development
(Objective-C,Swift,MySQL,iOS/Detail Design, Implementation and testing) 
MUST  to have;
✔︎Java(spring),C#(.Net),PHP(FW-must to have),C,C++,ruby(rails),python(FW-must to have),VB(.Net),swift,objective-c,andorid-java,Kotlin; 
Other programming language welcome !
Any experience of development welcome !
✔︎ Business Level of Japanese, JLPT-N2 
Email/Meeting will be done in Japanese. 
Fully payable


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