From July 1st 2020, it costs money to get a plastic bag in Japan


In Japan, from July 1st, the law has changed that all stores are required to charge for plastic shopping bags.

Normally, plastic bags cost around 3 yen~5 yen.

However, there are some items that are not covered by the fee such as paper bags and bags made from naturally-friendly materials.  So there are shops switching to such bags and continue to distribute them for FREE.


According to the Ministry of the Environment, about 2% to 3% of plastic bags are used as plastic waste in Japan.

In June, in the sea of Kochi prefecture, a plastic bag was found in the tummy of a large turtle that had died in the net.

It seems that the turtle mistaken the plastic bag that flowed into the sea for a food.










Vocabulary today:

・環境省(かんきょうしょう):the Ministry of the Environment


・レジ袋(ぶくろ):shopping bag

・有料(ゆうりょう):for a fee/ charge





・間違(まちが)える:mistaken for

・対象外(たいしょうがい):not covered(by), not subject (to)