Housing allowance- Government Helps You Pay 3 Months Rent

Housing allowance「住居確保給付金」:

It is a system based on the ” The Act for Supporting the Independence of People with Life Needs “, specifically implemented for the unemployed.

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many people are facing a situation of being unable to pay their rent due to the decrease of working time, job income or even losing their jobs.

On April 20th, Japanese government decided to extend the terms of application to support those who are at risk of losing their homes, while the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Welfare announced to soften the restrictions of Housing allowance on April 24th, so that more people can apply for it (including foreigners).


People who can apply:

※relevant sources:住居確保給付金申請對象放寬  制度修改の問與答  住居確保給付金簡介
Income conditions:

The total household income does not exceed the upper limit of the ” Special reference amount for housing assistance” (varies by region)

Taking Tokyo as an example, the maximum amount cannot exceed:


Singles: 138,000 yen

2-person family: 194,000 yen

3-person family: 241,000 yen


Asset conditions:

The upper limit of a family’s total property (amount of deposit) also varies by region.

Taking Tokyo as an example, the maximum amount cannot exceed:


Singles: 504,000 yen

2-person family: 780,000 yen

3-person family: 1 million yen


Housing allowance amount:

Varies by region. Taking Tokyo as an example:


Single person: 533,000 yen

2-person family: 604,000 yen

3-person family: 609,000 yen



Benefit period:

3 months in general

If you are very active in finding a job, you might have the opportunity to extend it by 3 months (up to 9 months).


How to apply:

Depending on the local independent support organization.
Please inquire with the support organization in each place.

Local independent support organization

Multilingual hotlines in Japan (health, work, life…)

Tokyo Support Center for Foreign Residents(TOCOS)