Get a suitable Job in Japan! 【Tokyo Job New job searching Platform】Simple, Time-saving and Free !!

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 【TOKYOJOB is going to release a brand new system with new features and functions SOON!

-It is a Free Job searching Platform for foreigners to get a Job in Japan.

** Pre-Sign up will starts on 1st, April 2021 ! **

<<<New features Coming soon>>>

① <Simple> 
Automatic analysis function

*Your personal information will be automatically filled into your profile on TokyoJob.

Step 1: Take a picture of your residence card.
Step 2: Upload the picture.
Step 3: Start applying for jobs.


<Easy & Time-saving> 
Job offers and interview scheduling system 

** You can easily manage your job offers and interviews  through TokyoJob without any interfere from any other agencies.

Step 1: Discover job offers.
Step 2: Manage interview schedules by choosing the preferred date provided by the company.
Step 3: Go to the interview on the scheduled date.

<to be continued>
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