Nagoya Taxi Company needs experienced driver with PR or LT residence Visa for max 800,000 yen

Monthly wage(げつきゅう) 170,000yen to 800,000 yen, for 5 months after employment, 230,000yen, after trial period of 5 months basic salary of 170,000 yen plus commission and allowance.
Transportation fee(こうつうひ) Payable
Location(ばしょ) Nagoya city 5 locations
Nagoya Mizuhoku, Nagoya Nakagawaku, Nagoya Nishiku, Nagoya Showaku.
Working hours(はたらくじかん) ①Day shift 7:30 am to 16:45 pm and more
②Every Other day shift 7:30 am to Midnight 2:30/9:00 am to Next morning 4:00 and more
③Night shift 18-day work 17:00am to Next morning 7:00 am,
④Night shift 22-day work 17:00 am to Next morning 5:00 am
Day to work(はたらくようび) Negotiable based on the shift above.
Others(そのほか) Social insurance, Uniform available
Dormitory for singles with necessary furniture and home appliances starting from 25,000 yen
MUST(ひっすじょうけん) ✔︎ Have 1st grade Driving license over 3 year experience of drive.
✔︎ Good at Japanese
✔︎ Valid Permanent or LT residence



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