Police warn of fraudulent messages over virus, 100,000-yen payments

There are reports of suspicious phone calls and emails from individuals trying to take advantage of the spread of the coronavirus.

Some messages designed to prize people’s personal information by offering guidance on receiving the Japanese government’s 100,000-yen aid payments.


According to the prefectural police’s Community Safety Planning Division, emails exploiting the national government’s 100,000-yen emergency support handouts with messages including that the money will be distributed through certain mobile phone carriers have been seen across the country.

The messages, which come with subjects like “process for receiving payout,” invite potential victims to a fake web page that “phishing fraudsters may then use to steal private data” .


There is NO organization requested by the government, and the government will NEVER ask you to pay money (commission) to receive 100,000 yen.


Be wary of such suspicious phone calls and emails requesting bank account pin numbers and other information.

Do not become victims of scams!


Click HERE to know more about the 100,000-yen payments:

Or you can contact Japan’s COVID-19 ¥100,000 Payment consumer Hotline :
0120-213-188  from 10am. To 4 pm.