Privacy Policy

  • 1. We shall follow Personal Information Protection Law of Japan when we take any information what can identilfy your personal information as follows;
    Any information of your name, address, contacting number, Email or other information consists of your personal information,
  • 2. Uploading your personal information or registration means agreement of our Privacy Policy.
  • 3. Any usage of personal information shall be limited to the purpose of such as offering suitable job or contacting with you for assistance of getting job or other instruction to the interview place.
  • 4. We shall never publicize your personal information otherwise we need to cooperate with governmental organization.
  • 5. When we need to modify any purpose of Privacy Policy, we will publicize.
  • 6. When you use this website, We use IP addresses to compile and provide aggregate statistics about our visitors, traffic patterns, and administer the site on Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Console.