Park Hyatt Tokyo needs bed making staffs for maximum 1267 yen midnight !

Hourly wage(じきゅう) 1) 1013yen (BedMaking/Room Cleaning)
2) 1013yen (BedMaking/Room Cleaning)
3) 1267yen (Mid-Night House keeping)
4) 1013yen (Day-Time House keeping)
5) 1013yen (Evening-Time House keeping)
Transportation fee(こうつうひ) Payable up to 800 yen, if your working days more than 16days/month 15000 yen/month
Location(ばしょ) 〒163-1055 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishishinjuku, 3-chōme−7
Interview Location(めんせつばしょ) 1 Chome-16-16 Ebisunishi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0021
How to get to there(いきかた) From Shinjuku station to there 10 min walk
Working hours(はたらくじかん) 1) 10:00AM – 16:00PM (BedMaking/Room Cleaning)
2) 18:00AM – 21:00PM (BedMaking/Room Cleaning)
3) 23:00PM – 6:00AM (Mid-Night House keeping)
4) 9:00AM – 17:00PM(10:00AM – 18:00PM) (Day-Time House keeping)
5) 18:00PM – 22:30PM (Evening-Time House keeping)
Day to work(はたらくようび) Negotiable but weekend workers welcome !


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