【Specified Skilled Worker (i)】Care Worker

We are expecting potential care workers!
If you hope to have a nursing care job or work in Japan as a full timer, the status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker(i)” is one of the options. Please check the system from here.

Those who take the test should be 17 years old or over, by the Western style of calculating age. And concerning the tests implemented in Japan, those who take the test should have status of residence in Japan.

You will help the elderlies in bathing, feeding, and other daily functions. Creational activities and physical therapy for them are also included.

You must pass three types of tests: Nursing care skills evaluation test, Japanese language proficiency test (N4 or higher) and Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test.
*International students who have already graduated from a caregiver training facility, those who completed the period of stay (4 years) of EPA candidates and those who completed the technical intern training (ii) of “Care Worker” will be exempt from all of these.
*Those who completed the technical intern training (ii) other than “Care Worker” will be exempt only for Japanese language proficiency test (N4 or higher).

We will support the whole application procedure and provide the life support after starting your job !!
Please fill in the form and let us know that you are interested in this status of residence. Waiting for you !!


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