[SSW] Food service industry- contents of skill evaluation test

New candidates who are applying for a Specified Skilled Worker Visa (i) should pass both Japanese language proficiency test and Skill Evaluation Test of food service industry.


About the skill evaluation test:

Candidates will be tested on the three operational categories: “Hygiene Controls”, “food and drink”, and “customer service” that are required to work in a restaurant.
You can pass the test if you get a score of 65% or up.


Hygiene controls

  1. Basic hygiene knowledge:
    Basic knowledge about food poisoning. If food poisoning occurs due to neglect of hygiene management, the government may suspend business which causes serious damage to the store.
  2. General hygiene knowledge:
    The knowledge about managing a store hygienically. You will be questioning of hygiene management methods for store management and for employees themselves.

  3. Knowledge of hygiene management of HACCP:
    Hygiene management methods for improving food safety in food production based on the concept of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) are required.


 Food and drink

  1. Knowledge about ingredients:
    Questions about the part of meat (beef, pork, chicken), suitable dishes, basic items for seafood, types of vegetables, etc. will be asked.

  2. Knowledge of preparation:
    How to dress fish and how to cut vegetables will be asked.

  3. Knowledge of cooking method:
    You will be asked about different types of cooking method.

  4. Knowledge of cooking equipment, cooking utensils and equipment:
    Professional cooking equipment are used in food service industry. You have to answer the intended use and the name of the equipment in the pictures shown in the test.

  5. Occupational safety and health knowledge:
    Knowledge of safely operations is required such as how to handle knives and fire.


 Customer service

  1. Customer service knowledge:
    Japan values the spirit of hospitality. Bowing, proper serving methods, and the language used when serving customers are all included.

  2. Food knowledge:
    You will be asked about basic knowledge of food, such as allergies, nutrition, and types of alcohol you need to know when dealing with customers.

  3. Knowledge of store management:
    In order to manage the store, knowledge of the settlement method is required. There are several methods of cashless payment in Japan, which depends on the store.

  4. Knowledge of complaints handling:
    Complaints happen a lot in the scene when providing food and drink to customers. It is important to understand how to handle complaints and be able to respond properly.

  5. Knowledge of emergency response:
    You will be asked about how to handle unexpected incidents such as situation of ill customers or dealing with disasters.


*Free textbook for the preparation of the skill test: 

Multi-language is available in Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Central Khmer and Myanmar.

To download the Textbook, click HERE



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