[SSW] Food service industry- How to apply for the skill test

New candidates who are applying for a Specified Skilled Worker Visa (i) should pass both Japanese language proficiency test and Skill Evaluation Test of food service industry.

How to apply for Skill evaluation tests for the Food Service industry

1. Application can be done during application period on the Website, please open the website by clicking the following link: https://otaff1.jp/gaisyoku/

2. Pre-sign up of “My Page(マイページ)”

“My Page(マイページ)”is required for application.

→You will receive an e-mail after the pre-sign up in 5 days.

*Guidance of sign up: https://otaff1.jp/img/file/mypage_guide.pdf


*Note: On the application day, the Internet circuits will be overloaded which might take up to 5 days for the confirmation of your “My Page(マイページ)”. It is highly recommended to sign up in advance so you can apply for the test on the other day more smoothly.

3. Log in to your “My Page(マイページ)”and fill out the application.

→choose the date/place of the exam, and double check your eligibility.

4. When the application is completed, pay the exam fee of 7,000 yen.


*Note: The test fee is not refundable, please double check the date/ time of the test et cetera are correct.


About information of your supporter(サポート担当者情報):


If you are confused about the application, worried about the preparation for the test, job-hunting after passing the test…etc,

do not hesitate to contact Tokyo Job!


TokyoJob provides FREE supports as below:

  • Test application support

We will teach you how to fill out the application form step by step, help you out if you are in any trouble.

  • Skill Evaluation Test tutoring support

-We will hold a study group for skill test irregularly for applicants in need and it is Free!!

  • Job-hunting support

We will introduce you companies to work in so that you don’t have to worried about job hunting.

  • Visa application support

-Also, it comes with free visa support.

  • Housing support

If you don’t know how to find a place to live, we will give you a hand!

  • Life counseling

-If you are facing any trouble, consulting is always FREE.
…and so on.

*Note: Supports from Tokyo Job are only available in Japan.


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