[SSW] Food service industry- Specified Skilled Worker(i)

Job scope:

Employers for specified skilled workers in the food service category mostly would be in restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, bakery, and other shops that serve food – including lunch box(bento) and take-out shops.

Workers have to learn a wide range of skills based on the basic operations of a restaurant. For instance, study ranges from food preparation, cleanliness management to customer service.

It is a good opportunity for workers to experience a variety of roles in the food service industry, such as cleanup staff, kitchen helper, cook, or waiter. Workers may have valuable and transferable skills, as well as the Japanese language during the job.


How to obtain Status of Residence for Specified Skilled Worker(i):

New candidates who are applying for a Specified Skilled Worker Visa (i) should pass both Japanese language proficiency test and Skill Evaluation Test of food service industry.

1. Japanese language proficiency test: JLPT N4 or JFT test (Overseas only)

*JLPT: check HERE      – Test schedule

*JFT-Basic : check HERE      –Test schedule

*click the following link to see the difficulty of N4:  JLPT N4 difficulty check

*Note: NAT is not acceptable.

2. Specified Skilled Worker (i) skill evaluation test: Food Service Industry

Skill evaluation tests for the Food Service industry are held both in Japan and overseas.

*Japan: check here

*Overseas such as Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Philippines: check here

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