[Inexperienced Welcome] Store Sales for Mobile Shop need staff in Kanagawa Area!

Conversation: Business Level
Writing: N1 Kanji

JLPT N1 Level is Requirement

Job Position: Shop Sales
Regular Employee
¥2,870,000 - ¥3,290,000 / Yearly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
09:00 - 20:00
Other information: Dates you work will be depends on the shift
At the mobile phone shop, you will be in charge of general customer service (sales, contract work, application services) for customers who come to the store. 

[Specific work]
1. Sale of mobile phones
2. Response to inquiries
3. Consulting
4. Contract work
5. Store building, etc.
you will cooperate with other store staff to plan and execute the store with the aim of creating a store with higher customer satisfaction.

[About position]
Mobile phones are now a necessity, and customers have different needs, so you need to have a wide range of responses. You will listen to their needs and make proposals that suit your customers.

-People who have N1level of JLPT 
- People who are good at communication
- People who have working experiences in Japan (as a full time) 
Fully payable
You are going to work one of shop in Kanawaga Area


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