[Tokyo] Overseas store development sales 4 million to 6 million yen Native English and Japanese!People who have experienced at real estate company welcome!

Conversation: Fluent
Writing: N1 Kanji
Job Position: Overseas store development sales
Regular Employee
¥4,000,000 - ¥6,000,000 / Yearly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
09:00 - 18:00
Job Description	
As an overseas store development sales, you will be in charge of developing new stores at overseas. Will go to the site, conduct a field survey on the candidate properties for acquisition, negotiate with the owner, and conclude a contract.

[Specific work]
1. Desk and field survey of candidate properties for acquisition
2. Negotiations with owners of candidate properties for acquisition and conclusion of contracts
3. Collaboration with each department from the conclusion of the contract to the opening of the store (including follow-up after the opening of the store)
* Business trips to the United States (continental United States, Hawaii) will occur.

Must use public transportation

[Working time]
・Working hours 9: 00-18: 00
・Break time 60 minutes
・Overtime work may be required
・About 40 hours a month on average
・A fixed overtime fee equivalent to 30 hours a month (4,7200 ~ 7,5500 yen / month) is included in the monthly salary

[Average monthly overtime hours]
Normal: about 15 hours / month
Busy season: about 40 hours / month

[Estimated annual income at the time of joining]
4 million yen to 6 million yen

Salary revision: Twice a year (January / July)
Bonus: Twice a year (July / December)
Commuting expenses (paid up to 30,000 yen / month)

・Complete with social insurance (employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, health insurance, welfare pension)
・Midnight work allowance
・Holiday work allowance
・Overtime allowance (30 hours is included in the salary in advance as deemed overtime allowance, excess is paid separately)
・Life partner system (same-sex partnerships and common-law relationships of local governments are subject to the same benefits as legal marriage)
・Birthday souvenir gift system for life partners (spouse, common-law partner, same-sex partner)
・Employee stock ownership association (with incentives)
・Property Accumulation Savings System (with interest compensation)
・Wedding gift
・Birth gift
・Condolence money
・Establishment of "cocoro project" to think about how women work
・Group insurance premium discounts by affiliated insurance companies
・Defined contribution pension plan
Tokyo Business Health Insurance Association related facilities
・External training system
・Employee benefits available (Online education: U-can, English conversation: GABA, Travel: H.I.S, etc.)

Annual holidays: 120 days
・Two-day off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
・Public holidays
・Paid leave 
・Condolence leave 
・Half-holiday system 
・Prenatal and postnatal leave / childcare leave (acquired)

[Selection process]
Document screening
1st interview
Final interview
1. More than 3 years of work experience in Japan
2. Work experience using English (to negotiate with business partners in English)
3. Native level English and Japanese skills
4. Those who can be assigned to the United States in the future

English native level
Japanese native level
Payable (Up to ¥30000 Per Month)
Meguro City, Ōhashi (5 minutes walk from "Ikejiri Ohashi" station on the Tokyu Denentoshi line)
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