Saitama【Full-time Truck drivers wanted! 】Manual Driving license needed!¥240,000 – ¥350,000/ Month、Conversational Japanese OK!

Truck Driver
JLPT: None
Conversation: Daily Conversation
Writing: N5 Kanji
Job Position: Truck driver
Regular Employee
¥240,000 - ¥350,000 / Monthly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
08:00 - 17:00
Other information: Saturday 8:00~12:00(3 times /month)
<JOB description>
Mainly Delivery construction materials, home installations,...etc

<Delivery area>
Within the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, etc.)

<Work Place>
<Nearest station>
・10 mins by car from Toda-koen station
・13 mins by bus from Toda-koen station

② Kasukabe
・13 mins by car from Kasukabe station
・20 mins on foot from Toyoharu station

<Working Time>
Mon.-Fri. 9 hours per day (1.5 hour break time)
+ Sat. 4 hours per day
** it might start from 6am or ends at 18:00 **
→working time is gonna be 8 hours per day

*Overtime work: average 20 hours/ month( additional overtime allowance provided)

<Monthly wage>
¥240,000 – ¥350,000
(depending on experience and ability)

**There will be a training period for 1-3 months(depending on your performance).
During the training period, the wage will be 80% of basic wage**


・Certificate of sling gear(tamagake) +¥1000/month

・Certificate of light mobile crane +¥2000/month

・Certificate of fork-lift +¥1000/month

<Holidays/ Day-off>
・every Sunday

・National holidays

・one day-off on Saturday every Month(Negotiable)

・3-5 days of summer vacation+ Golden week

・ New year holidays for 5-7 days

・paid holidays and so on

<Insurance provided>

employment insurance, social insurance, pension and so on...

Yes(ask Tokyo Job LTB for details>

**There is opportunity to talk to the craftsmen at the delivery destination, so it would be nice to be able to respond cheerfully at that time.
・2t, 3t, 4t manual license → ordinary license / semi-medium size
Flatcar / Unic car

・Japanese level:
-Conversational Japanese
-able to read and write Hiragana and Katakana
-able to read some kanji (in order to read list)

・people who have truck driver experience
・people who have a certificate (forklift, tamagake etc... )
Payable (Negotiable)
Saitama, Tokiwa (10 mins by car from Toda-koen station /・13 mins by car from Kasukabe station)
Closest Stations
Kasukabe, Toda-koen


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