[COVID-19]WHEN LOSING A JOB(Health insurance/Pension)

Immigration office

you must submit “NOTIFICATION OF THE CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION” to Immigration Services Agency of Japan within 14 days of losing a job. You can submit it online

Hello work

1) “Notice of loss of the employment insurance qualification” (your company must submit this to Hello Work)

2) “Resignation Certificate” (This also should be delivered to a foreign employee by your company)

NOTE:Your company will face a penalty if they should neglect their duty on 1) . And 2) “Resignation Certificate” is required to submit when foreigners go through any procedures.

Health insurance/Pension

  • Health insurance
  • If you lost your job you will not be covered by Company health insurance benefit(Hokensho) any more.

    You can contact with your local government to get Kokuho.

    NOTE: you can select cheaper one either of kokuho or Ex-Company health insurance for Voluntary continuation

    Voluntary continuation Requirement, 1) You have been insured more than 2 months and,2) You should submit documentation within 20 business days

    additional information on health insurance.

  • Pension
  • You will not pay the amount any more thru your company. Though you should still need to pay the pension itself by your own.

    Well, can foreigners with working visa get unemployment insurance? The answer is… “YES” as long as they meet the requirements.

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