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  • I hereof shall understand and follow the rules below, at the use of Tokyo Job LTB(including related sites or posts to Tokyo Job LTB(s), or any related informationTokyo Job LTB provides), job hunting site( or face book page or face book account a , agree with Terms and Conditions and sign.

    1 Understand ”Act on the Protection of Personal Information” of Japan and provide personal information to Tokyo Job LTB for use of:
    1) Getting job,information,chance of interview from Tokyo Job LTB (information means not only related to job but to real estate information, scholarship, school,GPSs(my location information) and all the information related on Tokyo Job LTB site);
    2) Giving the information to Tokyo Job LTB client or potentials for your getting job,hunt rooms or enter school smoother.
    2 Understand and follow “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” of Japan and agree with the followings:
    1) Report definitely truth and genius information on my current condition such as working hours, working status or other information to Tokyo Job LTB and show true and genius valid Residence Status and Passport;
    2) Will work definitely within the limitation working hours such as “twenty-eight(28) hours per week” for student and dependents(for student exception of over twenty-eight(28) hours for long vacations under the rule of each University,Senmon Gakko or Japanese Language school and other schools which support my Residence Status of Students,included), and will control working hours within said limitation if I have more than one(1) job or so;
    3) Designated Activity holders/potentials report accurate working validity date and report to Tokyo Job LTB in a timely manner, if my Residence Status will end its validity and lose its legal stability or any change in Status. Will never report fraud on working propriety;
    4) Will prove rightfulness/correctness on the process of getting Certificate of Qualification for Employment if I have a title of category/contents of Certificate of working validity or the reason of change of Residence Status defined in Appended Table I of the Act;
    5) Understand, if I break the rules should follow the punishment, may be arrested by regulated agency of Japan.
    3 Agree with that I will not, on Intellectual property right or Act on the Protection of Personal Information:
    1) advocate agent/agency of Tokyo Job LTB;
    2) post,write or express misleading information on Tokyo Job LTB;
    3) posts or provide any information to public via such as SNS or other tools to make information to public on your company or your future company where they will prohibit to do so.
    4 will agree when some behaviour might lead to limit or be refused the use of Tokyo Job LTB when I would do:
    1) absence from Interview/Shift or other presences that would be considered to be must, without prior notice;
    2) give the wrong information to Tokyo Job LTB with malicious will;
    3) fail to bring necessaries, such as resume, residence card or other related items to said interview site or other places that I am asked to do so without effort, even-though it is considered to be right;
    4) neglect necessary instruction that would be considered to be must when giving interview, getting job or get information from Tokyo Job LTB.
    5 Will follow the rules of Japanese Labor law, Japanese company rules where I am or will work(ing), or other related regulations/laws of Japan.
    Plivacy Policy

    1 We shall follow Personal Information Protection Law of Japan when we take any information what can identilfy your personal information as follows;
    Any information of your name, address, contacting number, Email or other information consists of your personal information,
    2 Uploading your personal information or registration means agreement of our Privacy Policy.
    3 Any usage of personal information shall be limited to the purpose of such as offering suitable job or contacting with you for assistance of getting job or other instruction to the interview place.
    4 We shall never publicize your personal information otherwise we need to cooperate with governmental organization.
    5 when we need to modify any purpose of Privacy Policy, we will publicize.


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